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2016 M2M and KWC Prep Clinics Completed

Thanks to the paddlers that attended and to the the very kind comments. Kai was the lead instructor and thoroughly enjoyed passing on his knowledge and giving thrill rides in the double.

The M2M and KWC race had ideal conditions this year. Congratulations to all in the clinics for successfully completing the race.

Pictures are available on Facebook and videos are on our Youtube channel. Special thanks to Kaete Heiderich for the M2M pictures and to Norm Watsek for a lot of the KWC pictures.

M2M picturesKWC picturesKWC video part 1KWC video part 2

Next clinic is the Kauai Napali Challenge Prep Clinic

Maui to Molokai Prep Clinic 2016

After a successful 2015 M2M prep clinic, and huge demand, we are offering the clinic for 2016. Check out the 2016 M2M Prep clinic for all the details.