Gorge Paddle Sessions with Kai

July 2015

Private session:

$200 for 2 hour paddle session

Group session:

$100 for 2 hour paddle session (3-4 paddlers)

(Allow up to 3 hours for each session for briefings and discussion in addition to a paddling run)

Each year Waterwalker puts on a 6man race followed by a solo/tandem relay race the next weekend known as the Wildside Relay. The races start at Stevenson on the Columbia river between the Washington and Oregon border. The location is known as the Gorge and renowned for epic Winds that generate waves for consistent pure fun one way runs. If you haven’t discovered the Gorge yet and are a serious paddler then you should definitely put it on your agenda. Paddlers that know about the Gorge usually plan to stay a week to race both the 6man and Wildside plus get as many one way runs in as possible in between.

Kai put on a Q&A session in 2014 at the Gorge followed by a group paddle. He was really impressed with the turn out and the keenness of everyone wanting to improve their paddling ability. He loved paddling in Gorge so much he is coming back in 2015 with his family to race the 6man and Wildside relay. He wants to have fun getting runs in himself but, is offering some private and group paddle sessions for anyone interested in being coached on how to get your canoe surfing like a pro.

The private one on one session will be in a double if we can round one up otherwise solo. You need to have your own solo for the group session and for the private one on one session if a double is not available. Leash, and life vest or inflatable is mandatory.

If you want to sign up for a session then please fill out the form below:



Refund Policy for Gorge Paddle Session:

We will refund 100% of the amount you paid less the PayPal fee up to July 10th 2015. After July 10th refunds will not be issued.

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