Kai Bartlett

Kai BartlettWhere do I begin? Kai is a paddler extraordinaire. He devotes his life to paddling, either on the water or in the shop building canoes – Kai Wa’a. He resides in Maui, but his home is Kauai. Kai came on board with us to bring you clinics in Maui where he runs the M2M Prep Clinic and Kauai where he runs the KWC Prep Clinic.

Here are some of his accolades:

  • 3 x Molokai Hoe OC6 wins with Lanikai.
  • 5 x OC1 Molokai solo wins.
  • 9 x OC1 Molokai solo relay wins.
  • At least 3 x Kauai World Challenge wins.

Pat Dolan

For some it’s a hobby but for Patrick Keoni Dolan paddle sports are an addiction. Born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, Patrick was always involved in athletics including playing baseball, basketball and soccer. After joining Lanikai Canoe Club at the age of 10 however, Patrick never looked back- paddling and ocean sports took over. His Grandfather, Willis Rich was a member of the canoe club and shared his love for outrigger canoe paddling with Patrick and his siblings- something that strongly resonates with Patrick today. At the age of 15, Patrick decided he wanted to become an elite paddler and began attending Lanikai Canoe Clubʼs mens practices where Kai Bartlett saw the potential in Patrick. Kai took Patrick under his wings and got him started with OC-1 paddling sponsored by Kai’s company; Kai Wa’a. Patrick dedicated himself to training with the Lanikai men and in the OC-1 and quickly became competitive in races.


Patrick is also a kayak and surfki paddler extraordinaire. Patrick’s paddling career started as a junior Olympic kayaker. He joined Maryknoll High Schoolʼs kayak team, and even though still inexperienced, won the state championship. Patrick was recruited by HCKT (Hawaii Canoe & Kayak Team) and made the US Junior National Team attending the Junior World Championships in Hungary. Patrick progressed to the US Men’s National Team once he turned eighteen and moved to San Diego to train at the National Training Center for kayaking. Even though Patrickʼs K4 kayak team failed to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics after 6 years of arduous training, Patrick’s acquired paddling skills and fitness are envy to all that know him. Fortunately for us, Patrick went back to his roots and the love of ocean paddling. He became a competitive surfksi and outrigger paddler placing top 3 in Molokai World Championships. You can check out one of his teaching videos on YouTube.

Will Reichestein

Will Reichenstein
Will is a lifelong outrigger canoe paddler raised in a world that revolved around wa’a. He grew up the Newport Aquatic Center in California brought along by his parents who were big into paddling. Along the way Will had exposure to many top athletes most notably Danny Ching and Kai Bartlett who are now his very close friends. They pushed Will to learn the intricacies about the canoe and how to maximize his performance. In addition to being a great paddler, Will is also a master craftsman at building and repairing canoes which is why he has such great feel for the variety of hull designs on the market today.

Will is extremely modest but I (Laci) had the opportunity to do a down winder with him in Kauai and he was a magician on the water. Given that he could have dropped me like a stone, Will showed great patience and was just enjoying the experience that day. This and his keenness to share is knowledge is why we feel Will is an exceptional addition to the team at Kauai Outrigger. In fact, Will is going to be operating clinics for outrigger including V1 in California.

Will is a Kai Wa’a Team Rider and currently part of Team Primo and the Newport Aquatic Center in California (NAC). Some of Will’s accomplishments are:

  • 1st place 2011 & 2015 oc-1 Molokai relay
  • Multiple top 5 finishes in Molokai Hoe (Team Primo)
  • 2nd place IVF marathon world championships 2017 (NAC)
  • 3rd place 2017 Gorge Downwind Champs

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