Kai clinics are operated by Kai Bartlett on Maui. They are regularly scheduled throughout the year for novice to advanced paddlers. They can also be arranged for groups at most times of year when Kai is not away racing by request for one-man or six-man outrigger. Kai is also available to come to your paddle location to present a clinic. We can also assist with accommodations on Maui upon request.

The clinic cost is $750 usd for 5 days of guided instructional paddling of up to 4 hours/day and includes canoe rental. Kai will provide expert stroke analysis, and go over the methodology he incorporates into his training regime. He will explain in detail how to analyze and predict water movement to catch waves as effortless as possible. He will discuss what you need to do to train your power to quickly accelerate into waves, and keep the connection going to maximize the thrill of running downwind. All clinics will have lots of practice on the water along with mentoring. The end result will be elevated paddling ability, enjoyment on the water, and excitement about the sport.

We will likely do most of our paddling at world renowned Maliko Gulch famous for its consistent one way runs. However; we may also paddle on the Kihei side which can also have awesome water conditions. We may even do a down-winder to Molokai from Fleming beach. The locations we paddle at are dependent on water conditions that day and paddler ability.

The clinics normally start at 10am and can run 4hrs plus travel time. We try to plan the clinics around upcoming races on Maui so you can reinforce what you’ve learnt. The races are optional so you will have to arrange for canoe rental if you plan to race.

The solo canoes used will likely be Scorpius since Kai builds them. However; they may consist of any other one of the current top quality canoes. Kai may incorporate a double canoe as we have found them to be excellent teaching aids.  You will need to bring your own paddle and life vest or inflatable if you want to wear one and you must be able to swim!

The clinics are organized by Kauai Outrigger which is a recruitment consulting company only and contracts Kai Bartlett as the clinic operator. How it all started with Kai is with his dad Tom who is very good friends of the Kauai Outrigger team and lives on Kauai. We paddle with him regularly and after he noticed the great turnouts and fun paddlers were having in our Kauai clinics, he mentioned it to Kai. When Kai approached us we already had him in mind as our top choice to operate clinics in Maui. We are very excited to be working with Kai and look forward to the inaugural 2015 Kai Clinics in Maui.

You can register to put your name on the sign-up list for any of the upcoming clinics listed in the Schedule. Once we have eight signed-up you will be notified that the clinic is confirmed.

  1. Hi Kai,
    Here at the gorge this week. My husband,Dan & I are trying out your new 2p boat Friday, the Gemini! Excited! Wanting to surprise Dan w/ one of your clinics (he has taken to steering the 6p) and has your other two 1p canoes. Which clinic would you recommend? Thx, kristi

    • Aloha Kristi, this is Laci replying. Currently, the next scheduled clinic with Kai is the 2018 M2M Prep Clinic and the 2018 KWC Prep Clinic. The M2M is for advanced paddlers. The KWC is for intermediate to advanced. We may have an intermediate/advanced 2017 Fall clinic. You can also check out

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