Maui to Moloka’i (M2M) Prep Clinic

Saturday 7APR – Wednesday 11APR 2018
$725 usd (Supply your own canoe)
$875 usd (We supply canoe)

The Maui to Molokai race is part of the triple crown race series to held every April. It can be one of the most fun races you will ever do if you know how to surf.  Efficient wave catching in Maui waters is the key to an enjoyable and rewarding race experience. Kai will help you with your stroke and get you out doing training runs working with you so that you are catching waves as effectively as possible. He will explain what locations to avoid and help plan a race course that will be optimal for you taking in to consideration the conditions expected for race day. He will go over go over the preparation you need to do including recommended drink mix and food, plus walk you through the race from lining up for the start to coming in to Molokai.

This is a great clinic to take for anyone new to M2M and for seasoned paddlers that want to gain an advantage over their competitors or for anyone that just wants to get some Maui surfing runs in with Kai giving you expert tips. You do need to be an experienced paddler and very comfortable and proficient in big ocean water conditions as well as a strong swimmer.

The clinic is 5 days and costs $725usd if you have your own canoe, or $875 if you would like to have us supply you with a canoe for the clinic which is NOT included for the M2M race. You can contact us for canoe rental information for the M2M race.

Since Kai builds Scorpius and Antares outrigger canoes, those will likely be, but not limited to, the canoes supplied for the clinic. The canoes are like new condition, and some may even be brand new, so you are very fortunate to have Kai not only teach the clinic, but to make his canoes available for the clinic. Visit Kai Wa’a for more details on outrigger canoes.

More information about M2M can be found at the Maui Paddling Hui.

***Important, please ensure you read

We reserve the right to cancel the clinic if we don’t have a minimum of 6 paddlers attending. Once we notify you that a clinic is scheduled to go ahead, it is then up to the registered paddlers to confirm attendance by paying for the clinic. In fairness to all the registrants, please pay as soon as you can. Once we have the minimum requirement paid up, we will send out notification that the clinic is confirmed and that you can go ahead and book your flight and accommodation. If the number of paid participants comes up short then we still may try to turn it into private lessons. However; in the event we have to cancel, we will refund the cost of the clinic minus the Paypal administration fee which will be around $60usd up to two weeks prior to the clinic start date. After that it will be a 50% refund since most of the fixed costs for the clinic will have been paid for and cannot be reimbursed.

You might want to check out the other Triple crown races: Kaiwi channel solo/relay and the Kauai World Challenge. We also hold a Kauai World Challenge prep clinic in Kauai.

  1. How many hours each day for m2m class?

  2. You can expect each class day to to be up to 4 hours. You have to take in to consideration where we paddle and transportation time.

  3. Would it be possible to do a three days of the clinic as I won’t be there until tuesday?

  4. Any dates for 2016 M2M clinic yet?

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